Why are Psychometrics and Neuroscience so valuable for a brand?

In short – because brands need to influence and change consumers purchasing behaviour, not just track it. This page explains a little more about the various sciences we deploy to better inform and direct your consumer marketing efforts and create brand competitive advantage.

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Tell me about the science

CrowdCat uses a range of sciences to enhance marketing effectiveness of brands and to help these brands to be truly engaging in the eyes of their customers.

We use a combination of cognitive psychometrics, computational neuroscience and mathematical modelling, to understand and map the personalities and cognitive processes of consumers on a mass scale. We call this Scalable Consumer Psychology.

Psychometrics is essentially the measurement of psychological factors to produce data. Cognition relates to that part of a consumer thinking we are particularly interested in as marketers – how consumers make decisions and choose our brands. This is a highly-regarded science already well proven in the recruitment of key individual employees – but its value used digitally at scale with whole consumer audiences is consequently far more powerful and valuable.

We use computational neuroscience to help link information from multiple sources in a statistically valid way, and mathematical modelling to understand the human pathways: from receiving a brand message; to entering a purchase environment; to making a consumer choice.

We have amassed considerable data and expertise in understanding consumer psychology – from enhancing the ‘feelgood’ of a purchase, through post-rationalisation thinking, to long-term feelings of brand affinity and loyalty.

What is in this for me?

Not only do we produce useful, actionable data on what to say, and how to say it to each customer, we also offer bespoke insight into the strategies you can employ with any audience, and predict the likely success factors of these strategies.

Unlike any form of traditional research, we do this in real purchase situations, without any existing brand data. Most importantly we scale this to thousands of consumers. This is the only way to produce contextually accurate and scientifically verifiable data, and it is the only way to be able to know and micro-target your audience with the best message for their personalities and ways of thinking.

What is pioneering about Scalable Consumer Psychology is that is has created valid and credible ways to capture such insights on a mass scale – only now is it possible at the scale of your whole audience, or your entire target markets.

More influential communications

Our neuroscience-led approach will inform all of your campaigns and communications. Our insights and segmented psychometric profiling will enable you to develop truly personalised communications and customer experiences that will make your brand feel like the obvious choice.

By using this unique combination of cognitive psychometrics, computational neuroscience and mathematical modelling, we can understand the personalities and cognitive processes of consumers on a mass scale and help you to engage with your audiences as individuals.

Competitive advantage

Our work has demonstrated the factors that make the difference for an organisation in its quest to gain competitive advantage. Through our neuroscience and consultative approach, your brand can benefit from the following:

  • Whole audience profiles and segmentation by psychology, motivation and influence themes, captured in a statistically accurate and reliable way through cognitive and personality psychometrics.
  • Customer experiences that truly engage through personalisation, at the same time as giving ongoing actionable data.

Proof of impact

We offer a proven scientific approach to measuring engagement, proving success and providing accurate evidence based financial forecasts. Now you can evidence the impact of marketing spend, and even start to predict the ROI of marketing spend over the longer term.

Unique depth

We are pioneers in what we do, working with leading academics at Cambridge University to develop ground-breaking approaches to marketing, such as the following:

  • Scalable Digital Psychometrics to quickly capture individual personality profiles at large scale, which you can then use to create genuine communication personalisation in order to increase consumer engagement and influence.
  • Information Geometrics algorithms which identify and map how your customers think at critical choice points and how to optimally influence the outcomes of these.
  • Mathematical modelling to determine how to most cost-effectively tailor broadcast communications and brand messaging to appeal most strongly across the diversity of your audience and develop genuine personalisation in your direct communications.

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