Marketing Week: Understanding How Marketers Think, Choose, and Communicate

Project Summary

This project with Marketing Week is to understand the worlds of marketers and develop psychological profiles of professionals in the context of their workplace, identifying how individuals think, choose and communicate. The quiz you have just completed represents the third and final stage of this Discovery Project.

To get to this stage, we first undertook a series of one-on-one interviews with a representative audience of marketers, to understand the major cultural themes most commonly shared by marketers, and to develop a framework of the culturally common cognitive structures or mental processes that marketers use to process and use information, which drives their behaviour.

We then tested and enhanced this personality framework using a bespoke online psychometric survey that triggered the identified common mental spaces of almost 400 marketers in their professional roles. This phase established the relationships that exist between the different patterns of behaviour and the emotional meanings and beliefs that exist within individuals operating in these mental spaces. Using cognitive and statistical algorithms, we created a multi-spectrum personality model of marketers.

We are now engaging a wide audience of marketers to further test the personality models developed and from them, create a usable multi-dimensional audience segmentation model of the commonly shared psychological and behavioural traits of marketers. These include how marketers think about their role within triggered mental spaces, emotional tonalities, cognitive factors such as information processing and communications styles, and the relational strategies that marketers will respond to.

These factors are important insights in creating marketing messages and content that will engage marketers.

The completion date for this project is 28th February 2018. Results will be published by Marketing Week in due course.

Our Thanks

Thank you for the time you have taken to participate in this project. We hope you found it interesting and revealing.

About CrowdCat

CrowdCat develops the science and technologies that enable us to build a deep psychological understanding of individuals, on a mass scale.

We empower brands to transform relationships with their customers through whole-audience psychological profiling and the creation of psychological segmentation models that underpin meaningful, personalised and engaging communications.

As with any work we undertake, we understand that personality is the human active emotional cognitive strategy for dealing with the complexities of the real world. People’s personalities flex significantly depending on the context of what they are thinking about or the decision that they are trying to make. Therefore, this project has not looked at generating generic psychological profiles using of models such as the Five Factor Model or OCEAN (measuring personalities through five traits of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, neuroticism) but on creating a personality model that explains the behaviour of the individual marketer in their professional environment.

If you would like to learn more about this project or understand how we can help your brand or client brands to transform relationships with customers, please get in touch.

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