Brand Insight: BMW and Mini

The British Mini is a clear and well understood proposition – its small, tiny, cute. A much-loved brand with a loyal audience who get what it stands for. They know it’s not big. It’s in the name.

The challenge when you have such a well understood brand image, is when you branch out in a new direction.

When Mini launched their first family-sized car, it became apparent they would have to change customers perceptions.

They challenged CrowdCat to get the message across that this Mini, er, wasn’t.

Enabling Transformation at Springer Nature

Often, finding a fresh approach is needed to initiate change.

When you re-define what your customers need, how they should be addressed, grouped, even changing the value-proposition, then change becomes obvious and natural, because the status quo simply does not fit.

The usual barriers to achieving this are 1. Coming up with the big new idea; and 2. Proving it with data such that the transformation is recognised as justified and necessary.

CrowdCat worked with the leadership team at Springer Nature to achieve just this.

Personalisation in Financial Services

This study uncovers some key industry insights and potential strategies for Financial Services brands, gained from research with one of our clients – a leading insurance brand, with over 1.5 million customers.

The need to grow average-revenue-per-customer with each individual from a loyal customer base was the challenge CrowdCat was charged with.

Our research highlighted some important misconceptions into how customers feel about the propositions (and other financial products), and these misconceptions were feeding into audience communications.

Enhancing and Evidencing ROI in Entertainment: Universal Music Group

Since 2013 CrowdCat has worked with the international entertainment business Universal Music Group (UMG), using our science based approach and insight to influence over 5,400 global campaigns.

It was determined that the return on investment across over 5,000 campaigns averaged 23x the related marketing spend, a huge step forward from previous activities.

Springer Nature: Engagement Information

Springer Nature is a major new force in scientific, scholarly, professional and educational publishing, with a E1.5bn turnover.

We carried out a discovery project to engage and profile with their customer base. The insight generated is driving a major ongoing programme to refocus marketing strategy.