Using neuroscience and AI to cut the world’s most effective videos.

Atomic is a robot that has been trained to test and edit video footage based directly on the ups and downs of an audience’s emotional response. The step-change in applying neuroscience to optimising creative assets is that neuroscience and psychometrics reveal with certainty what people can’t always express when you ask them. The part of the brain we use to make decisions isn’t the same as the part of the brain that we use to rationalise our decisions to others. Psychometrics is the only proven scientific method for accurately measuring the intuitive emotional processes that drive our decision-making. Atomic uses this psychometric data to drive the editing process with robust data-science about what really works to engage and convert an audience.

Decision-making is inherently a creative process. Creating influential and commercially effective content is about delivering a pipeline of psychological effects that tell a story that is rich with meaning and can lead someone to arrive at a new decision or opinion about something.

Atomic measures an audience’s intuitive emotional responses to the content that they are being shown. This means Atomic measures the difference between a piece of content that someone likes, and a piece of content that can influence them to make a commercially positive action: purchase, social advocacy, content sharing.

Atomic delivers video assets cut to the required media formats optimised using robust, emotional, audience data.

Over the last 12 months Atomic has been used to cut, test and create trailers for over twenty feature films from the world’s biggest movie studios.


The world’s first psychologically enriched triple AI system for media planning

HALO is an AI platform that uses machine learning to enrich standard programmatic media buying with psychological data that can predict customer behaviour and value.

Halo helps media planners to build and deliver highly optimised media plans tuned to the audience profiles that will deliver the highest value for their clients. Halo brings together three AI systems to create an intelligent system that can assess customer value in total. This total value assessment is based on bringing psychology, value to client, and ease/cost of conversion together. Halo’s real-time intelligence can assess any ad interaction pattern against the psychology and customer value of those interacting to learn whether a pattern is incidental, temporal or meaningfully linked to valuable customer acquisition.

Halo delivers optimised media plans based on accurate customer psychology and true customer value and continues to get smarter over time through an intelligent, real-time system that measuring the responses of real audiences to the ads being delivered.


Build the world’s most engaged fanbases by igniting fans around products and brands

Hero provides brands with the social muscle to create and publish high numbers of social assets that have been scientifically engineered to build fanbases. Hero uses psychology and game-mechanics to ignite and acquire fans around product launches and brands, increase the long-tail of marketing effects and acquire rich first-party data.

Hero is a unique technology platform that allows brands and artists to take a pre-configured set of tools and assets to rapidly build launch campaigns for their products quickly and cost-efficiently.

CrowdCat used a global analysis of the best-selling casual games for web and mobile over the last decade to discover the sub-interactions that were the stickiest, and most engaging for their players. These principles were used to build the toolkit of Hero’s marketing assets.

Hero’s assets are built for use on any social platform. They can be skinned and customised for any brand. Every element of the toolkit has been engineered to drive high levels of user interaction and ‘play’ and promote broader socialisation of the assets and messages post-interaction.

Hero delivers proven assets hard-wired to engage audience and gives brands and artists of all sizes the ability to instantly access specialised high-level tech for product launches (no-dev lead time) at a low-cost.

Hero has been in market for 5+ years and has delivered $95+ million dollars in additional revenue for our client, Universal Music Group (UMG). UMG use Hero to run social campaigns for all of their artists worldwide. By working with them over the last 7 years CrowdCat has built UMG their own version of Hero, known by them and their artists as Lemonade. Case Study

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