Personalisation & Customer Experience

Personalise messages and tailor customer experiences in real-time for every individual


Optimise the Message

Understanding consumers beyond simple demographic or geographic profiles and their limited datasets is on the agenda for any leading brand.

We help you to understand your customers’ actions by enriching your data with behavioural insight bespoke to your brand and your context, achieved through Scalable Consumer Psychology.

We can help you to highlight and differentiate your brand through optimal message delivery, tone of voice and personalisation to your audiences, even with anonymous consumers, in real-time.

This dramatically enhances customer experience, and ultimately return on marketing spend.

Become Truly Data‑driven

Whilst individual campaign success is important, as an organisation you will want to get ahead of your competition for the long-term.

We will enable you to integrate ongoing campaign results and continually enhance data within your processes and use this combination to identify the next big opportunities.

With your customers and wider audiences, we determine population segments likely to respond to your brand, grouped by behavioural themes.

We then help you to tailor your communications at all levels to reach your most persuadable customers with the most persuasive communications, campaigns and tactics.


Our goal is to work with you to establish a data and communications best-practice hub within your organisation. This includes training the appropriate teams to increase their expertise.

To embed data-driven insight, our findings can be automatically pushed into your systems on a continual basis, to enable your marketing team to work at an optimal level.

We help you get marketing, IT, compliance and legal teams working in unison around a strong long-term strategy devised with scientific rigour to optimise value generation for your organisation.

Get Started

We undertake an initial discovery project to understand how your brand and communications are perceived by your audiences, in the context of your objectives. We also work with you to understand where the best opportunities exist.

This project takes between eight and ten weeks to deliver, therefore quickly presenting you with data driven information and insight that will be the first essential steps to becoming a data driven organisation.

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