ROI & Data-Driven Marketing

Predict the behavioural impact of any campaign on your audience


Bridge the Gaps

Marketing analytics measure how people interact with campaigns, but can’t effectively translate this interaction into economic results.

Econometrics can tell you about economic patterns, but can’t identify the impact of campaigns effectively. Neuroscience and Scalable Consumer Psychology bridge the gaps.

Every campaign that is run has a measurable psychological impact on your audiences, which can be mathematically related to econometric changes, meaning that we can change attribution, reasoning and guesswork into hard statistical models.

We will create such models for your organisation to enable you to focus marketing spend on campaigns that are proven to deliver the greatest returns.

Implement Expertise

Working with us to implement Scalable Consumer Psychology within your organisation will create long term competitive advantage. The wide-ranging impacts include the following:

  • Your campaign planning and communications across all channels are now informed by real time data driven information and insight.
  • This delivers more cost-effective, predictable outcomes through better targeting and message delivery.
  • Outcomes are more measurable and repeatable, and can be evidenced in non-financial and financial metrics, backed by real data.
  • As a result, all departments within an organisation can clearly understand the impact of marketing and learning improves across the organisation.
  • Revenues increase, typically not just for isolated campaigns, but across the whole organisation.


Building a full financial model and reporting system for your organisation is achieved over time as we work with you to run more and more campaigns, developing a bespoke scale-able model as we go.

This will draw upon econometrics, behavioural analytics and neuroscientific data to capture the full impact of your marketing across all channels.


  • Social listening
  • Analytics
  • Psychometrics
  • Cognitive data
  • Econometrics

All projects are developed bespoke to your organisational requirements, and are typically delivered in partnership with us over a twelve-month period and beyond, dependent on your needs and objectives. We know how to structure data and capture results so you can gather the necessary insights to demonstrate success and predict outcomes.

Robust scientific data makes it easier to forecast and negotiate budgets and we have proved this financial case in thousands of campaigns.

Get Started

We initially undertake a project to understand how your brand, audiences and attribution methods, in the context of your objectives.

We also work with you to understand where the best opportunities exist to develop and implement effective financial models.

This discovery project will take between eight and ten weeks to deliver, therefore quickly presenting you with data driven information and insight that will be the first essential steps to developing an internal system that captures true marketing impact for your organisation.

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