Brand Research & Insight

Know how your audiences actually think, feel, and choose


Deeper Understanding

Implement a long-term data and insight strategy to become a truly data-driven organisation.

We use revolutionary Scalable Consumer Psychology to translate consumer behaviour into meaningful insight showing how all your audiences think, feel and choose in relation to your brand.

This clarity of understanding will then become central to your brand and marketing activities to increase engagement, influence and customer acquisition.

Long-term Value

Our philosophy is to create long-term value for your brand, recognising that we need to demonstrate this value at an early stage of working with you.

An initial brand discovery project delivers a comprehensive analysis of your audiences based on their personalities, behaviours and preferences. The difference between psychological data and standard analytics is that standard analytics can be difficult to relate to, or action as they take no account of the context of your brand and organisation.

Data driven insight into your audiences and their psychologies is immediately useful and will be a revelation.


Using Scalable Consumer Psychology, we research and analyse comprehensive psychometric data on your audiences and translate this into actionable marketing insights. We explain the results and propose actions in line with your marketing objectives to highlight the opportunities for your organisation.

We will also work with your relevant teams to run a workshop to map out how to effectively action the evidence based insights.

Get Started

A brand discovery insight project for your audiences will take between eight and ten weeks to deliver, therefore quickly presenting you with data driven insight and a fully actionable marketing resource.

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