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Protect your people from COVID-related PTSD

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The one-minute team resilience tool that shields frontline workers from PTSD

COVID-19 is creating a looming mental health crisis. The NHS – the very people we rely on in times of crisis – are bearing the brunt. 80% of NHS frontline staff are experiencing levels of distress associated with developing PTSD. Without immediate action the human and financial toll will be unbearable.

There is a chance to get ahead of the crisis, and it is a practical, scalable solution.

Flare is a PTSD prevention platform that uses cutting-edge neuroscience and psychometrics to give your organisation a clear view of the mental health risk to your people – and their resilience in the face of it.

More than just insights, Flare gives clear advice on how to strengthen team structures and reduce the risk of widespread PTSD.

CrowdCat is offering Flare for free to the NHS and GOVT-defined key worker businesses.

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Don’t wait for a crisis to hit

What Flare can do for your organisation

Prevents problems before they happen
Using Flare you can act before damage is done, focusing time and money where it will make a real difference, fast.

Only takes one minute
Flare surveys take only a minute to complete. The data it produces is straightforward to interpret. It highlights the specific issues compromising your teams and putting your people’s mental health at risk.

Improves team cohesion, morale and leadership
By identifying weaknesses in teams, Flare highlights where organisations need to act. And what you need to do.

Secure, reliable and accurate
Flare is secure, reliable and accurate. It is designed and built by CrowdCat, a Cambridge-based science and technology business working at the leading edge of neuroscience, psychometrics and human behaviour.

The science behind Flare

The Flare survey only takes around 53 seconds to complete.

But behind its simple use, cutting-edge neuroscience and psychometrics are at work modelling the real-time mental resilience of employees, and their impact on team dynamics and operational vulnerabilities.

Understanding team resilience and how psychological trauma will impact organisations allows organisations to understand and plan the interventions, and what resources are needed to tackle them.

The best scientific studies on how to prevent and treat PTSD are found unsurprisingly in the defence space. The armed forces have long-recognised the operational impact of mental health and psychological traumas. They have invested significant effort and funds in academic research and practical on-the-ground initiatives to mitigate the risks to their troops and their missions.

It is no surprise therefore that we turned to this insight when creating Flare.


Who is Flare for?

COO/CEO/CHRs who are concerned about the impact of COVID-19 on their staff and on their operational resilience and want to do something about it. Flare is free to all NHS organisations and GOVT defined key-worker businesses.

How are surveys distributed?

Via a simple web link - this can be distributed in any way and via any channel. We can work with you and your team to work out the most practical way for your organisation. Politically this will require senior stakeholder buy-in to make sure that the surveys reach your staff population.

What about privacy?

Data is anonymised and aggregated to ensure that individuals are protected and unidentifiable before the data is delivered into the Tableau database. There is effectively a firewall between the individual and the organisation.

What is the value for organisations?

Flare identifies the specific aspects of team function that may be putting that team and the individuals within it at risk e.g. team cohesion. This type of insight allows organisations to take the specific actions required to address these issues.

Why would my staff engage with this

The survey will be simple, graphic and easy to complete. CrowdCat, the makers of Flare excel in creating research that is interesting to complete, and therefore is able to gather huge volumes of meaningful data. Our commercial business is built on this specialism.

How do we manage data?

The organising system for Flare data, is a platform called HERO. It was built to manage thousands of different web-spaces that need to be served with similar web applications but are managed by hundreds of autonomous organisations.*

* Universal Music, the world’s largest record label is made of multiple tiers of sub-labels managing a global roster of thousands of artists and their management companies. They use HERO to deliver and manage 10,000s of interactive web experiences to their 2 billion music fans every year. They use this data at every level of their organisation. This is the system behind Lemonade.

Supported by

Dr. David Stillwell
Lecturer in Big Data Analytics & Quantitative Social Science
Academic Director – The Psychometrics Centre
Cambridge University Judge Business School


Tableau, the leaders in visual analytics are partnering with CrowdCat to make Flare data brilliantly accessible to the teams that need it. Like us, they are delivering their services free of charge.