About Us

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CrowdCat is a Consumer Psychometrics and Communications company, pioneering in the field of Scalable Consumer Psychology. Our Cambridge-based team is a special blend of neuroscientists, marketing experts, data scientists, and researchers. Our work is proven with leading brands and research universities across thousands of successful marketing campaigns globally.

We enable sophisticated data-driven marketing.


Richard Summers

Chief Scientist

Richard worked on advanced mathematical modelling during his PhD under Professors Stephen Hawking and Geoff Hinton at Cambridge University. He has gone on to pioneer a number of science, media and education…

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Tim Sutton

Commercial Director

Tim has grown and financed several media, science and technology companies, adding to brand marketing expertise gained at Pepsi and Emap (now Bauer) Media. He turned around and sold a technology business…

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Dr. Kirsty Davis

Head of Cognitive Research

Kirsty completed her science degree at Queen Mary’s University, and her PhD at Imperial College London. In her science career she has run large multi-disciplinary teams mainly in blue-chip scientific research environments…

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John Arthur

Head of Technology Development

John heads up our development and data management teams. His background includes spells at Microsoft as well as in consulting, educational technology and financial services.

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Rory Sutherland

Advisory Board

Rory’s success in the advertising industry is matched only by his personality and thought leadership. As Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK, Rory is a leading advocate of the employment of behavioural sciences…

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Jan Maciejewski

Advisory Board

Jan is a specialist in the application of science and technology in marketing, brand engagement and their underlying business operations. He comes from the perspective of having personally developed strong individual relationships…

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Why CrowdCat?

We have overcome the frailties of traditional consumer research and insight methodologies.

It’s all about context. For example, a customer evaluates brands completely differently in their regular supermarket than in a same-chain supermarket that is less familiar. As context is this sensitive, imagine how much a customer’s thinking unconsciously changes when you put them in a focus group or ask them traditional survey questions.

Influencing behaviour in the key moments related to your brand begins with a detailed understanding of the customer’s cognitive processes, in the context of your brand. Every brand, organisation and audience is unique and we can show you what your audiences look like, and more importantly, how they think about your brand.


Where CrowdCat fits into the picture.

Essentially our work is driven by your marketing objectives. We initally implement a standalone discovery project that engages with your customers and target audiences to develop a series of insights on how they actually think and choose in relation to your brand.

This insight is then continually enhanced and used to inform your organisation. The creation of audience segments based on their view of the world as opposed to where they live and historical purchases. The brief process so that creative has clear goals in order to develop truly engaging, personalised communications. The conversion of attribution, reasoning and guesswork into hard statistical models.

Your marketing activity is now driven by hard data and can be measured as to how it will resonate and influence your target audience.

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