Giving Our Customers a Voice

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In Quarter 4, 2017, CrowdCat instigated a partnership with the market-leading publication Marketing Week

This initiative used Scalable Consumer Psychology (SCP) to help them better understand their readership i.e. marketing professionals in every sector from baked beans to financial services.

We called this ‘drinking our own champagne’, given it is our day job to help brand marketers profile, and better understand their own customers. By giving the Marketing Week crew their first insight into our common audiences from such deep psychological data, it was clear our team would learn more too, so improving our own services for CMO’s and their marketing teams.

The results are under wraps for the next few weeks until they are released by Marketing Week, so meanwhile here are some short extracts showing what we expect our customers (our brand marketing clients) to be saying about us in 2018.

What will our customers be saying in 2018?

In FMCG/Consumer Products

“No-one believes that every ‘housewife’ or ‘professional’ on our database thinks in the same way, yet we were still sending them all identical messaging…”

“Persona’s were great when we only had demographics and purchase histories, but our customers like us better now that we use focused psychological profiles when we talk to them as individuals….”

“CrowdCat helped us to combine personalised messaging on digital with the use of contextual cues on packaging and physical display to dramatically increase message recall, resulting in increased consistent brand selection.”


“…Banking incumbents for the first time are facing an existential disruptive threat to their business model from Open Banking (PS2D). We used CrowdCat to enable us to look individually at our customers, to understand their financial worlds and to build their genuine sense of the unique value of our bank.”


“CrowdCat has taken focus groups out of the lab and into the digital high street…. and at huge scale….now every potential customer is a voice that can be heard, and now we understand their thinking and how to build the perception of value in our premium offerings.”


“SCP (Scalable Consumer Psychology) may sound complex, but we found it straightforward and powerful in use, – it gave us a new understanding of our real customer segments, and a communications plan based on psychological profiles, all in under 2 months…”


“Fashion embraces constant change, yet the way we think about our customers hadn’t. SCP gave us a more useful set of customer groups, meaning we could talk accurately to each in a dialogue about their realities, aspirations and role models in a way that just didn’t exist before.”

“…Fashion retailing is for us all about understanding the interaction between personal identity and social trends. CrowdCat developed psychological segmentation that allowed us to utilise personalised messaging, develop an optimal channel strategy and make better use of online media and programmatic. Our campaigns were better able to drive segment specific behaviours resulting in a substantial increment in our ROI.”


“…CrowdCat helped us identify the difference between what engages our audience with a movie, and what influences their decision to go to the cinema and watch it. CrowdCat were able to create a segmentation model, and bespoke narrative outlines, for each movie and segment to create a significant uptick in the box office numbers of our major releases in 2018.”


“For many years, ROI for our marketing campaigns has diminished consistently as our traditional demographic of donors have aged. CrowdCat helped us to identify and target entirely new donation behaviours, and through that a sub-35 demographic resulting in the reversal of this trend.”

“In 2018, people want more from the causes they support, including greater transparency, direct outcomes and ‘bang for their buck’. Using SCP, CrowdCat was able to engage deeply with a huge cross-section of the population, giving us representative and relevant data to reshape our whole organisation.”


MARKETING IN 2018 – the challenges affecting all sectors

It’s true that the above insights are not just restricted to the sector that they are listed under. In short, 2018 brings the ability to transform your marketing function easily and rapidly, matching our actionable, reliable data from your own customers, with your intuitive, inspired messaging. Only then are you communicating directly with every individual in your audience in a meaningful, personal way.

At CrowdCat we are leading this change – with a number of successful case studies applicable across business sectors.

It’s suggested that clients see us as a good example of “the new ‘Math Men’: providing insight in the form of targeted, psychologically-proven customer segments, and clear detailed briefs for their comms plans…”. This then enables brand or agency creative teams to far better target their inspiration toward correctly positioned motivational copy.


Whether you see this as natural evolution, or a revolution, it is already starting to be a major source of competitive advantage for the marketing professional – whatever the sector. Our research during 2018 will explore this further and we will feedback our own insights on the different kinds of marketers that exist, and how each is responding to the challenges above, in a number of future articles and sector research reports.

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