What is Scalable Consumer Psychology?

Imagine if you could sit down with all of your customers, one-on-one, and allow a psychologist to identify exactly how each individual thinks, feels and chooses, in their own inner world. Imagine if that same psychologist could also study the ways in which each customer communicates and connects with those around him or her. Imagine if you could take such levels of insight into your creative marketing process and produce creative executions for each individual customer, tailored exactly to that person.

If you could, it would certainly be no surprise to see your engagement, influence and brand loyalty increase by several multiples across your customer base.

The issue of course is scalability, we certainly can’t spend hours and thousands of Pounds getting to know each customer individually. Even if we could, they certainly wouldn’t give us that time anyway. Scalable Consumer Psychology (SCP) is a process that allows us to gain these insights to nearly the same accuracy, using methods that are practically applicable to audiences of thousands and millions, and that are applied at a cost of only pence per consumer.

SCP generates detailed information for each consumer about how they think, feel, communicate and choose. It uses a combination of scientific and mathematical methodologies to identify common themes and create segmentation models to optimise the impact of your engagement activities. It ensures that you can get the right messages to the right consumers, based on their individual psychological profiles.

Brands can benefit from operating a handful of created top-tier segments, or by taking SCP further they can build effective systems for personalisation, right down to an audience of one in order reap the rewards of deepening relationships with consumers as individuals.

SCP also generates data in a global data format, which is compatible with most relevant information infrastructures. This allows the data output of the SCP processes to be used across all business systems from CRM to Programmatic to BI. Therefore, SCP can positively impact every marketing channel, as well as be used globally over 100s of business units in an organisation.

SCP genuinely ensures that the consumer is the very epicentre of the organisation, transforming audience insight to enhance engagement, marketing effectiveness and the all-important ROI.

A core trait for us as marketers should be to recognise the vast diversity of people and psychologies, and of course the different contexts such as mood and situation that determine behaviour. SCP is the enabler for brands to embrace this diversity, truly understanding customers as individual people and engaging with them as such.