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FanBox is a business built on a world class understanding of fan behaviour: who they are, what they need, and how to get them to engage with your content.

We built and own the world’s best superfan platforms in the music and movie space and manage fanbases for music artists, movie franchises, TV shows and fan-worthy entertainment brands.

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Colabox is the world’s best platform for music superfans. Proven with over half-a-billion fans worldwide Colabox offers an agile, cost-effective way to create new sources of digital revenue for artists and labels.

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Popcorn is the world’s first interactive platform for movie superfans. Superfan movie-goers drive over 75% of ticket sales at the Box Office through their influence on others' title choices.

Popcorn was built to serve the needs of these high-value fans. We host live digital events for studios, movie festivals and filmmakers that bring those who love the movies into conversation with the people who make them.

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We are a multidisciplinary group of creative scientists, technologists, psychologists and problem-solvers. We are always open to applications from maths, science, technology and creative misfits who want to work collaboratively at the cutting-edge.