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psychological trauma of COVID-19

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The science of what
it means to be human

How can you create something meaningful for an audience if you don’t really know how they think and feel?

We are the world leaders in designing and deploying large-scale psychometrics and data-science to deliver breakthrough innovation and significant ROI for clients.

Crowdcat uses cutting-edge psychometrics and data-science to find out what people are really thinking and feeling in order to understand how these thoughts shape their decisions.

We use this data to create targeted tools, products and communications that have significant meaning and influence for large groups of people. We’re able to provide a rich psychological understanding of an audience’s true needs and how to shape their future choices as consumers or give organisations a clear line of sight to their people’s mental wellbeing and how to build team resilience and cohesion.

We are world leaders in designing and deploying large-scale psychometrics and data science.

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Case study

Universal Music Group

Keep your friends close and your fans closer

Remit: Use psychometrics, data and technology to design and make a digital platform that would build and maintain fan bases at a time when digital streaming and the death of CDs was hitting them hard in the bottom line.

Result: Lemonade is a unique platform and toolkit that rapidly customises and publishes digital campaigns. Every campaign is hardwired for engagement, and learn more about fans as they ‘play’. Lemonade supports artists from every tier of Universal’s global talent base and provides a centralised way for UMG to keep track of thousands of concurrent campaigns.

Lemonade has engaged over 100 million individual music fans in the last five years. As COVID-19 focuses artists on their digital fanbases in the absence of festivals and concerts, this number is growing rapidly.

Through Lemonade CrowdCat has generated $95 + million in additional revenue for UMG – and helped Justin Bieber sell 26 million singles in one day breaking the record for global streaming by 150%.