Scalable Consumer Psychology

Stop imagining how your customers think and choose


Brand Research & Insight

Know how your audiences think, feel, and choose in relation to your brand. Scalable Consumer Profiling provides clarity, understanding, and actionable marketing insights in just a few weeks.

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Personalisation & Customer Experience

Drive engagement, influence, and customer behaviour by using psychological profiling in real time to personalise messages and tailor customer experiences for every individual.

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ROI & Data-driven Marketing

Predict the behavioural impact of each targeted campaign on your audiences. Turn attribution, reasoning, and guesswork into statistical financial models demonstrating marketing effectiveness.

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CrowdCat’s Expertise

Consumers are fantastically diverse and our unique knowledge, data science and marketing expertise have allowed us to develop Scalable Consumer Psychology to enable us to map exactly how your audiences feel, evaluate and choose in the most critical moments in relation to your brand. Our pioneering work is proven with leading brands and universities across thousands of successful marketing campaigns globally. Find out how

Working with Leading Brands

We work with consumer brands across the globe to discover personality profiles for their audiences on a mass scale, using Scalable Consumer Psychology. This means brands can communicate at an individual customer level – meaning reactions become predictable and certain. Outcomes include strong customer engagement and loyalty, improved data and ROI, and a more influential and effective marketing function. See the case studies

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