We add unparalleled value into your pre-campaign planning and post-campaign analysis

Bespoke to your Brand

Your brand is unique and so is its relationship to its audience. You want to understand your distinct audience personality model and how your brand connects in its inimitable way. CrowdCat is not about benchmarking your brand with a set of general scientific ideas, it is about discovering your brand’s science. It’s about uncovering the unique principles you can use to consistently and effectively connect to your audience.

Unique Depth

To do this we have become pioneers in neuroscience, working with top academics and developing ground-breaking approaches.

  • CrowdCat invented Accelerated Mass Psychometrics – how to capture individual personality profiles at large scale to increase influence through personalisation.
  • CrowdCat developed Information Geometrics (IG) algorithms which identify and map how customers think at critical choice points and how to optimally influence their outcome.
  • CrowdCat created the first mathematical model which identifies how to most effectively tailor ads and brand messaging to appeal most strongly across the diversity of your audience. 

More Influential Campaigns

Our neuroscience-led approach will inform your campaign before creatives even start work.

CrowdCat-influenced campaigns are an integral part of the planning stage. With our insights and segmented psychometric profiles, your creatives can develop personalised customer experiences that will make your brand feel like the obvious choice.

Competitor Advantage

Our work with global brands has proved the critical success factors for a brand wanting to gain competitive advantage using neuroscience. You need to be sure of each element to get the benefits.

  • Whole audience profiles, captured in statistically accurate and reliable way, through cognitive and personality psychometrics
  • Customer experiences that engage and deliver actionable data
  • A scientific approach to measuring engagement and proving success

Getting started is easy

Our approach is designed to get you started easily. We can map your audience in just 10 weeks and deliver valuable insights quickly. Thereafter, we build in increasing sophistication over time.

We use a four step model:





Long term Increasing Advantage

Individual campaign success is great but we want you to get ahead of your competition for the long term. We know how to integrate results within your processes and use them to identify where the next big gains are. We help you get marketing, IT compliance and legal teams working in unison around a strong brief and a long-term strategy devised with scientific rigour.

Making it easier for CMOs

We know how to structure data and capture results so CMOs can gain the necessary insights to predict outcomes and prove success. Robust scientific data makes it easier to forecast and negotiate budgets. We have proved the financial case in over 1,000 campaigns.


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