Universal Music revolutionises customer engagement using CrowdCat Science

Universal Music Group and CrowdCat have worked together in a strategic partnership on over 5,400 campaigns between 2013 and 2015.

Universal Music realised a 23x return on Investment increase, averaged across all these campaigns, from its partnership with CrowdCat

By proving the effectiveness of its science, CrowdCat has enjoyed a redoubled investment in its partnership with Universal Music.

The World is Complex

Typically, you try and measure a promotion’s success by comparing the sales volume to a similar periods baseline, e.g. the sales volume a year before. Although a promotion followed by increased sales looks positive, this approach is far too simplistic to compare against what might have happened if we hadn’t promoted. The world changes too fast and there are too many variables for this to really constitute proof of positive impact.

Measuring thousands of campaigns solves the problem

We consistently analysed and averaged performance over hundreds of artists, thousands of campaigns and millions of data points to deliver real statistical certainty.

We even used a control group of over a thousand artists to deliver our conclusions at the level of scientific proof.

This proof showed to what extent CrowdCat is making a consistent and measurable difference to Universal Music’s performance and bottom line.

Results that speak volumes

There are a great number of important results deriving from this project. Most of this is proprietary to UMG and its brands. At a big picture level, we are able to share one key global figure – the overall return on investment (ROI) made by UMG from their CrowdCat-influenced promotions.

UMG realised a 23x return on investment from its partnership with CrowdCat.

That represents a £2.3M gain for every £100,000 spent with CrowdCat, not just on a few leading promotions, but averaged across 5,000+ campaigns.

Universal Music’s Response

When these scientifically-proven results from over 4,000 CrowdCat-influenced campaigns were shown to the Board of Universal Music, they immediately doubled their spend with CrowdCat.

Predictable Long-term Advantage

In the world of marketing some campaigns succeed and some fail; the common component is the inability to predict these outcomes. It’s easy to suggest success by showcasing those campaigns that worked the best; but as Scientists this would seem misleading, unscientific and unrepresentative. We work for real world, long-term scalable competitive advantage using science.

To prove something scientifically you have to repeat your results again and again, thousands of times. And that’s what we’ve done with our strategic partner Universal Music. It’s not about the best performing outliers, it’s about the average rise.

Science is Truly Scalable

Our results being replicable, makes our programme highly scalable. Universal Music not only shows that our results can be delivered at scale across thousands of campaigns and hundreds of business units, but that the effectiveness of our services grow disproportionately compared to their scale.

Scientific techniques scale much more easily and quickly than processes dependent on talent and creativity. As whole organisations come together through a single human-centric view of their audience; if data from a paid media campaign in Japan informs strategy in a Social campaign in Brazil, then insight and learning grow exponentially.


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