Mapping your audience in just 10 weeks

In just 10 weeks, we can map how your audience thinks and feels about you. We determine the unique neurometric model for your audience and how that can be practically leveraged to improve marketing performance. We do this with a four-step process:


We discover what consumers really think about at point of sale; we find out how your brand relates to their world and how they become confused when they try to choose you.


Using psychometrics and cognitive mapping, we define the unique personality types and segments of your audience. We find out how personality affects the consumer’s relationship with your brand and we identify the confusion points specifically across each personality type. We then test a series of cognitive interventions to resolve confusion points for each personality type and identify the most effective. We find out which core narrative will most influence this audience and increase sales revenue.


We use all this information to inform the brief to your creative marketers giving realistic and practical guidelines to produce highly effective campaigns.


We implement bespoke behavioural analytics to measure the exact impact your campaign psychologically. A post campaign survey is run to measure even more exactly for a small subset with particular focus on the different personality types. This data is then enhanced with conversion/engagement metrics and econometric data, where available, to generate an accurate picture of the efficacy of the campaign.


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