CrowdCat knows how your customers think

What we do

We find out the information your customers can’t tell you about themselves; what goes on in their heads at those critical moments that make a difference to choosing your brand.

Who we are

We are specialist science and marketing experts based in Cambridge, UK. Our work is proven with large brands, agencies and universities and we have verified outcomes across thousands of campaigns.


People are fantastically diverse, and marketers know that using personas and demographics are a blunt instrument to talk to your customers. Our unique knowledge, data science and marketing expertise allows us to map exactly how your customers communicate, feel, evaluate and choose in the most critical moments for your brand.


Our business is about building strong long-term relationships with a handful of select clients. We therefore want to work with brands that truly want to invest in the long-term relationship with their customers.

Look your customers in the eye

Understanding that your customers are more than the sum of their clicks, baskets or demographics can transform your customer segmentation and their brand loyalty. Our marketing and science teams transform psychometric data into actionable marketing insights for you.

Such customer insight transforms a range of processes from how to organise your messaging calendar for social, to optimising email personalisation, to improving response rates to paid media.

Critical Moments

Customers choose your brand because of a succession of key moments, only seconds long. Only a marketing message specifically matched to the way the customer is thinking in that moment, will influence them.

It’s about context

A customer evaluates brands completely differently in their regular supermarket than in a same chain supermarket which is less familiar. If context is this sensitive, imagine how much a customer’s thinking unconsciously changes when you put them in a focus group or just ask them survey questions.

Your Customers can’t tell you

The biggest problem, however, is that customers can’t tell you what they do in those key moments because they don’t know. Asking them is scientifically proven to give a false, inaccurate picture.

Digital Psychometrics

We map the cognitive levers of a defined context so we can reproduce the customer’s thinking state in an online experience. We then use personality and cognitive psychometrics to discover how they think in those critical moments, typically working with thousands of your customers at any one time.

How can this science work for you?

We need to get to know you.

Influencing behaviour in those key moments begins with a detailed understanding of the customer’s cognitive process, in the context of your brand.

Every brand, organisation and audience is unique and so we need to get to know you so we can show you what this looks like.


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