The Science of Choice

94% of the time when a consumer buys your competitors product they never made a choice. The vast majority of failed conversion isn’t caused by competitors being more influential, its caused by the consumer’s decision making becoming incoherent. When brands unknowingly present decision making paths in an incoherent way, a consumer will literally stop and revert back to habitual behaviour.

The largest ROI improvements in marketing are created by facilitating coherent consumer decisions. To do that we need to understand how our customers make decisions and how to create coherence. We do this with a science called neurometrics.

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As scientists, our techniques scale easily: coherent results for your brands 1000s of times over

“CrowdCat has revolutionised the way we understand our audience and promote our artists globally.”
– Deborah Hyacinth, VP Digital Global, Universal Music Group

Working with the world’s largest music brand owner we delivered uplifts of

  • 165x more CRM Identities
  • 586% increase in share of voice
  • 1761% increase in engagement
  • 2360% Return on Investment

Averaged across 5400+ pieces of activity for 112 business units in 42 markets.

And yes, we did help Justin Bieber get his first UK No. 1 and break the global record by 150% by streaming his new single 26 million times in a day.

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In 6 weeks, we can map how your audience thinks and feels about you

With your help, in our first 6 weeks of working with you we can:

  • Discover the 4-8 optimal neurometric segments in your audience
  • Create deep insights about how each segment thinks, feels and chooses
  • Map a significant percentage of your audience to neurometric segments
  • Assist in the development of a campaign based on these insights

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