An illuminated brain inside the head of the CrowdCat cat.

We build digital experiences that engage and activate consumers by tickling their brains.

Insight into behaviour allows us to overcome the fact that people are wired in a way that makes most marketing a turn‑off.

A number of shopping bags branded with happy faces.

By working with the brain’s decision‑making processes, we make more positive impressions leading to organic conversion.

A vinyl record with a white label broken into pieces.

Our ideas helped Justin Bieber break the streaming record last year by 150% and sold out the first MINI Countryman before it was in showrooms.

Many cats, crowded, in many colours on a black background.

CrowdCat delivers scalable improvements to your existing marketing that won’t just change individuals, but catalyse the crowd.

CrowdCat winks with a telephone held up to its face


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