People are fantastically diverse and so are their responses to advertising.

We are neuroscientists working to explain, predict and positively influence consumer behaviour.

We help brands turn diversity from challenge into opportunity.

The Problem

Diversity is to be celebrated but it presents a real challenge for marketers. Your messaging and creative may be received positively by one group but at the same time often triggers strong negative associations in another.

When your campaign jars with an individual’s values and personality, you lose that customer, perhaps forever. And in the process, you dilute the ROI for the campaign in question. This is why most ads don’t work effectively.


The Solution

To resolve this, marketers need to get to grips with the ‘science of choice’. Those who can understand and explain consumer behaviour at a provable, scientific level will unlock the power of big data and drive unprecedented growth in sales.

The secret lies in predicting your consumers’ behaviour, not in testing a few ads for best generic fit. Traditional research and analytics cannot do this. Demographics don’t help either; grouping by income or age doesn’t tell you anything useful about the diversity of personality in your audience. Our approach to neuroscience in marketing can because our focus is on your audience, not your ads. We get to know your customers first.

CrowdCat have unique capabilities

We are a team of neuroscientists, data scientists, technologists and researchers working alongside developers and marketing professionals. We are breaking down the barriers to real world solutions.

  1. We invented Accelerated Mass Psychometrics – how to capture individual psychometric profiles at the scale of a complete customer base.
  2. We developed key Information Geometrics (IG) algorithms which identify and map how each element of messaging interacts with personality and cognition, to create optimal neurometric segmentation.
  3. We created the first mathematical modelling which identifies how to most effectively tailor ads and brand messaging to the newly understood and unique diversity of your audience.

The Proof

Every marketer or agency can point to a handful of their best successes but at CrowdCat we are unique in our scientific rigour and the statistically proven effectiveness of our process.

In 2017 we expect to celebrate our involvement in over 10,000 campaigns.

When the results from over 4000 CrowdCat-influenced campaigns were shown to the Board of Universal Music, the company immediately doubled its spend with us.

“CrowdCat has revolutionised the way we understand our audience and promote our artists globally.” Deborah Hyacinth, VP Digital Global, Universal Music Group

Getting Started

In just 10 weeks, we can map how your audience thinks and feels about you. We determine the unique psychographic model for your audience and detail clearly how that can be practically leveraged to improve marketing performance. We do this with a simple four-step process.

We call this simply        Discover: Model: Engage: Evidence: